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Why Read Your Newsletter? Because It’s Fun

December 4th, 2012 · No Comments · Marketing

Yes, your marketing newsletter’s primary purpose is to attract new clients. But if its only message is one big advertisement for your products or services, you will quickly lose readers. Along with the serious and helpful content of your newsletter, there must be fun.

But what is fun? People have different ideas of what this word means. What’s fun for you could be tedious for me or unpleasant for someone else.

Here’s a definition I found that sums it up well for me.

We inherently know when we’re having fun, and when we’re not.  And as a socialized species, we all have generalized conceptions of what is fun and what isn’t.

I will define “fun” as anything that is done solely for enjoyment or amusement, making us happy, and I consider it synonymous with “play.”

Lauren Vespoli, Dartmouth

Since “fun” means different things to different people, to make your e-news fun you must include a variety of different experiences, such as

  • Surprises. Pay attention to comedians. Much of what they do that makes us laugh comes from expecting one thing and suddenly encountering another.
  • Jokes. You read and hear them often. If you are the kind of person who forgets the punchline, take notes. Try to make a joke relevant to your business topic.
  • Puzzles and games. Many people, including me, love working out puzzles and games. Consider featuring a quiz about your area of expertise.
  • Cute animal pictures. These are a staple of the Internet. Consider using them if they make you laugh or say “awww…”

It might be overkill to use all of these in one newsletter, but include one, two or three in each issue. Watch for entertaining and enjoyable content in magazines and newspapers and while web-surfing, and save scans and links to a special newsletter file. When it comes time to put the next newsletter together, you will be ready to assemble your saved items in a collection that offers your readers a good time. Fun is hard to define, but we all crave it, and we all know when we are having it.


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