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Five Ways to Grab Your E-News Audience

November 6th, 2012 · No Comments · Uncategorized

We’re all trying so hard to get information about our businesses out to potential clients.  An e-newsletter is an ideal strategy because it brings your information right to their in-boxes. All they have to do is click and read.

Nearly every business will benefit from an e-newsletter—but you have to get them to read it. Everyone’s inboxes are crammed with all types of e-mails, all competing for attention. What attracts people to open your message, and what keeps them reading?

Think about it. What makes you want to open an email?

Here are five ways to encourage your audience to open, read and enjoy your newsletter—and keep coming back for future issues.

1. Have a specific, punchy subject line.

It all starts here. If your subject line doesn’t make the grade, readers won’t give your newsletter a try. A subject line such as “January Newsletter” or “The Latest News from XYZ Company” is unlikely to motivate anyone to read on. They need a teaser, a promise of what they may learn—such as “Secrets to a cleaner carpet” or “Five ways to keep your car running smoothly.” I know I can never resist opening an e-news that promises a numbered list of helpful hints, or one that promises inside information.

2. Give something away.

Make the newsletter valuable to your readers by giving them something in each issue. Give away a bit of the specialized knowledge you have gained through your business. If people feel they will learn something that will help them or save them money, they will be eager to read your newsletter. At the same time, you will gain credibility as a knowledgeable practitioner of your business.

3. Keep the articles short.

People don’t want to keep scrolling too far down as they read your newsletter. If you have more to say than a short paragraph, post the article on your website or blog and put in a link to it. This has the added advantage of bringing people to your website or blog.

4. Add pictures—but not too many pictures.

Busy people have short attention spans. Add images to prevent long, discouraging patches of print. But don’t add too many pictures. Remember that some people’s browsers will not show the images. All they will see is a big red X.

5. Make it fun.

All the above will bring readers into your e-newsletter. Adding entertainment is what will keep them coming back to future issues. Scan the web for links to funny and entertaining pictures and stories that are relevant to your particular business. Put in a quiz or contest for those who like to test their knowledge. You may even want to offer a prize, such as a free consultation or some other type of freebie connected with your business.

How will you know if your e-news is well received? E-mail marketing service providers give you statistics regarding the number of opens and clicks your e-mail inspires. You may get comments, and we hope you will get calls and emails from new or returning customers. That’s what it’s all about.

Try these tips and see if they work for you. I’d appreciate any feedback.



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